Spy On Your Competitors Keywords Report

    • $1,650.00
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    Have you ever wanted to know which keywords your competitors are making lots of money from?

    Furthermore, do you want to know where you rank on Google for those keywords compared to your top 5 competitors?

    Marketing Now has the perfect solution for you – Spy On Your Competitors Keywords Report.


    We’ll take your information and get to work. We’ll use our suite of high end SEO tools and expertise to filter through your competitors websites and see which keywords they are using.

    We will then compile a list of over 100 keywords which are:

    1. The most profitable
    2. Are searched often
    3. Which will generate traffic to your website if you rank on the first page of Google for them.

    What You Get

    • A detailed PDF report listing over 100 keywords and displays where you and your competitors rank (up to position 30) on Google.com.au AND Yahoo.com (Australia)
    • You’ll also get an excel Spreadsheet containing this information of your own analysis.
    • A list of the long tail keyword phrases we found for your industry.