Mar 2011

How To Check cPanel Email Anywhere

This post will show you how to login and check your email via a web browser if you have one or more email accounts associated with a website hosting account. At Marketing Now, we use cPanel hosting accounts so our clients have access to their email anywhere in the world via webmail. CONTINUE READING

Nov 2009

How To Hide Email Addresses From Other Recipients in Bulk Emails

When you are sending or forwarding an email to many people, you should add all email addresses to the Bcc section. Cc - Stands for "Carbon Copy" - From the old days where you'd put the old purplish blue carbon paper between 2 sheets of paper to make a copy. Bcc - Stands for "Blind Carbon Copy" - In today's terms, this means each recipient will receive the email, but no-one can see each others email address.Why is this important? CONTINUE READING